The mixed-ages kindergarten is a gentle, home-like environment in which children are given the opportunity to learn and play through purposeful activity. Reverence is held for both the natural world and the natural unfolding of the child. The day is structured in a rhythmic movement that engages head, heart and hands.

In the kindergarten classroom at City of Fountains School a nature story, fairy or folk tale is told in oral tradition each week, puppet plays are given to bring the stories to life, songs are sung and danced, poetic verses and nursery rhymes are shared in finger-plays and movement circles. Some days you may find us baking together, or painting, playing a gentle game or concentrated upon a seasonal craft. If you peek in mid-morning, you might find us gathered around a fully set table enjoying a seasonal bowl of soup, fresh baked bread or fruits. Every day, you will see playing, both inside our classroom and outdoors – rain or shine; a connection to the cycle of the year, bringing a sense of well-being.