A nurturing environment for infants to 3-year old and their parents. Each session consists of a gentle daily rhythm and various activities. Parents are able to practice mindfulness and connect with one another as children learn and develop through age-appropriate play.

A gentle, home-like environment where children are given the opportunity to learn and play through purposeful activity. Reverence is held for both the natural world and the natural unfolding of the child. The day is structured in a rhythmic movement that engages the head, heart and hands.

Students develop their highest potential by engaging in a curriculum that inspires each child’s artistic, creative and imaginative life, provided by a strong base of interdisciplinary academic studies. Subjects are taught in blocks that span multiple weeks per subject and include mathematics, grammar, botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, physiology and history. At City of Fountains School, just as a typical Waldorf-inspired elementary school program, children are guided by a class teacher who begins with the first grade and ideally carries the same group of children through middle school.

Beyond the rich and rigorous academic work, arts, music and movement are woven into our curriculum to offer students an enhanced educational experience. Students are engaged in developmentally-appropriate artistic and practical experiences to foster intellectual, physical and emotional wellbeing.

An opportunity for homeschooling families to incorporate education inspired by the Waldorf approach into their own curricula. Lower, middle and upper grades meet once a week to follow a daily Waldorf-inspired rhythm including main lessons, movement and outdoor time.