Show your appreciation for City of Fountains School by making a donation to the Annual Fund. Your gift directly supports our students, faculty, classrooms and facilities of our cherished school.

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Ways to Give:

Credit Card: Click on the donate button above to make your donation (one-time or recurring) by credit card.

Check: Mail or drop a check off at the school office: PO Box 140441, Kansas City, Missouri  64114

Matching Gift: Amplify your giving! Many employers will match, or even triple your gift.

Sustaining/Recurring Gift: Establish monthly payments through PayPal.

Contact: Please contact administration with any questions or to discuss other forms of charitable giving, business partnerships, sponsorships, or in-kind donations.

Annual Fund FAQ

Why is the Annual Fund necessary?

Tuition income covers most of our operating expenses, but not all. The remaining is raised through fundraising. COFS relies on gifts to help meet annual expenses and provide funding for financial assistance, program expansion and teachers’ salaries.

We design our own program and curriculum, operate without financial support from federal or state government agencies, and are self-governed by a collaborative model shared amongst our Faculty, Staff and Board of Directors. Unlike public schools, which are funded by tax dollars, COFS relies solely on revenue from tuition and philanthropic gifts to meet operating expenses.

What do gifts to the Annual Fund go toward?

The Annual Fund provides resources for our operating budget in support of all aspects of the school, from financial assistance, to larger mission-driven work and (perhaps most importantly!) teachers’ salaries and compensation.

Is there a specific goal?

Our goal for 2020-21 is to reach 100% COFS community participation, including current families, faculty, staff and Board members. We believe this full support to be a testament to our community’s dedication and indication of how much they value this education for their children. 

Yet, it is as much about creating a united community and joining together in participation as it is about reaching any specific goal. If every donor contributes generously, according to their own ability, we will continue to thrive together.

Will my gift make a difference?

Absolutely! Each gift, no matter the amount, is valued. We ask each family to look into their hearts and give to their best ability. Every dollar makes a difference and every student benefits.

It’s not just parents of current students, but also teachers, staff, grandparents, neighbors, and members of the local community who directly impact the lives of our current and future students by contributing to our Annual Fund campaign. Your gift will help underwrite everything that facilitates the unique and inspiring education offered at City of Fountains School.

To maximize your giving, please consider making your gift in monthly installments to maximize your contribution over time.

Why do I have to give to the Annual Fund if I pay tuition?

Each of our attending families is asked to make a donation to the Annual Fund in addition to paying tuition, to help close this gap. The Annual Fund is the single most important component of fundraising for our school. If a family had to choose one type of giving over another, we would encourage Annual Fund to be their choice.

Are there other fundraising activities besides the Annual Fund?

Yes, in addition to the Annual Fund, we host several small initiatives and events throughout the year to help close the operating budget gap. However, we are a small school with limited resources. Special events and small projects tend to be extremely time and labor intensive. There are only so many volunteers and so much time! In addition, our special events and projects tend to be focused on a single purpose, whereas our Annual Fund supports our overall mission and goals. 

Do corporations and foundations support the Annual Fund?

Corporations typically contribute to independent schools by offering matching gifts to their employees’ contributions. COFS families are able to double their personal contributions through such employee match programs. Check with your employer to see if they have a matching policy. If they do, we will help obtain the gift.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! In 2020, the CARES Act allows you to deduct up to $300 ($600 for married couples) in charitable gifts. 

City of Fountains School is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization (EIN 45-4093008), serving preschool through middle school in Kansas City, Missouri.

How can I make a gift?

  • Give online at
  • Donate via Venmo – @COFSchool
  • Personal check mailed to the school
  • Bring a personal check or cash to the Administrative office
  • Set up a recurring monthly payment via PayPal
  • Make a pledge – smaller gifts over one or several years equal a much larger final gift for the school. You can do so by contacting administration.

Further questions?

Please email [email protected]