Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Ms. Daniela  |  School Administrator

Soon after relocating to the Kansas City area from St. Louis in 2012, Ms. Daniela discovered City of Fountains. She and her family were attending parent/toddler classes at the Waldorf school prior to their move. Ms. Daniela has been the school’s administrator since the fall of 2013 and has found that she enjoys the challenges and learning opportunities that growing a school entails. Ms. Daniela has a background in Environmental Social Science and Women’s Studies. During her free time, she enjoys going on long runs, spending time out in nature with her family (preferably the mountains) and traveling back home to Ecuador.

Ms. Kari  |  Founder & Parent/Toddler Lead Teacher

Ms. Kari has been with City of Fountains from the beginning, and she’s spent the past six years leading the parent/toddler class. She was first introduced to Waldorf education while reading “You are Your Child’s First Teacher” by Rahima Baldwin when her eldest child was just a baby and has been studying the inspiring philosophy ever since. She is committed to sharing that philosophy and the beauty of Waldorf education with parents to enrich and promote balance in their family lives, while honoring childhood.

Kari lives with her husband, Brian, and their three delightful daughters, Lilah, Prairie and Robin, in Overland Park, Kansas. There, she homeschools her children while continuously striving to bring truth, beauty and harmony to her family. In her free time, Ms. Kari enjoys reading, spending time in her garden, and discovering the wonders of nature with her family.

Ms. Dory  |  Founder & Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Ms. Dory loves to create, learn and play. She is most passionate about compassion, discovery, deep listening and deep silence, presence and joy through living a heart-centered life. As one of our school founders, she has been teaching the kindergarten class from the very beginning.

Prior, Ms. Dory taught in a cooperative Waldorf-based kindergarten in Springfield, Missouri, for several years. She has completed multiple Waldorf summer intensives including a private training with a long-time Waldorf teacher and eurythmist. She is pleased as punch to get to know every child in her Kindergarten classes, and to hold a space that honors the wonder, magic and importance of early childhood.

Ms. Ceci  |  Kindergarten Angel

Ms. Ceci assists Ms. Dory in the kindergarten.

Mrs. Fei  |  Grade 1 Lead Teacher

Mrs. Fei will be leading the rising first graders, many of whom will be happy to find a familiar face in hers – she transitions to this position after working alongside Ms. Dory in the Kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Fei has two children: one, Niah, is in middle school at COFS, and the other, Raina, started her first year of college this Fall studying in Sweden at Jonkoping University. 

Before her youngest was born, she worked in schools as an occupational therapy assistant, and prior to joining COFS, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in speech therapy. When she’s not at school, you can find her deeply tuned-in to an audio book, probably about the history of science, World War II or foreign language (Swedish and German are on her bucket list).

Ms. Kristen  |  Grades 2/3 & 4/5 Lead Teacher, Lower Grades Enrichment Teacher

After studying art in Kansas City, Ms. Kristen began searching for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly experience and she found herself on the East coast. There, she studied sustainable agriculture and became inspired to learn all about holistic living and educating those around her.
One of the farms she was working on was adjacent to a Waldorf school. Knowledge gained from the teachers, the students and her own studies inspired Ms. Kristen to expand her position at the farm to include teaching classes to children of homeschooling groups. The classes she created lesson plans for and taught were: gardening, home arts, and cooking/nutrition. In addition to being the 3rd/4th grades teacher at City of Fountains, she leads the lower grades enrichment class. 

Ms. Brandi  |  Grades 6/7 Lead Teacher

Ms. Brandi has worked with children for over 25 years in a variety of settings. She received her degree in professional counseling and child development at Texas State University. After moving to Kansas in 2009, she enjoyed being a stay at home mom and homeschooling. While researching different methods of homeschooling, she stumbled upon the City of Fountains School and fell in love with the community and the Waldorf methods of teaching.
She joined COF in 2016 as the Upper Grades Enrichment teacher while her two youngest children attended. Brandi’s goal for teaching is to provide a creative environment that fosters curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. She and her husband have four children and enjoy road trips, gardening, cooking and learning new things together.

Ms. Acacia  | Founder & Integrative Arts and Movement Teacher, Upper Grades Enrichment

After collaborating to open City of Fountains in 2012, Ms. Acacia participated in the expansion of the Rose Rock School where she and her family lived for seven years in Norman, Oklahoma. As the faculty-in-residence, Ms. Acacia was a lead early childhood teacher and wearer of many hats from parent educator to story-writer, from goat-and-bee keeper to gardener. She received her LifeWays Early Childhood certificate in 2016 and later joined the LifeWays teaching staff in a training hosted at the school in 2018. She currently writes for the LifeWays North America’s Living Arts Weekly.

At Rose Rock, Ms. Acacia focused her self-studies upon the work of Audrey McAllen, Karl Koenig and other leaders in curative education in response to the number of children coming into her care with an atypical pattern of development. Her efforts continue to specialize in curative education as her family has moved back to Kansas City. In returning to City of Fountains she is leading the Integrative Arts and Movements classes and developing an Educational Support Program for the school. In addition, from a background in art education, she teaches the Upper Grades Enrichment.

Outside of teaching, Ms. Acacia finds joy in the balancing act of life with a big and active family- her husband, three sons and her parents, whom they live with, as well as siblings that live nearby. She loves hiking, gardening and “homesteading” with her siblings, reading novels, writing, and exploring fiber arts.

Ms. Jenni  |  Handwork & Academic Support Teacher

Ms. Jenni teaches handwork to our grades 1-5 and teaches Academic Support classes for the 3-5th grades.

Ms. Kelly  |  Handwork Teacher

Ms. Kelly teaches handwork to our middle school students.

Ms. Lilah  |  Ukulele Teacher

Our 5th and 6th graders learn ukulele with Ms. Lilah, who was one of our first grades-enrichment students at COF.

Ms. Cora  |  Spanish Teacher

Ms. Cora teaches spanish to grades 1-7.

Mr. Brian  |  Woodworking Teacher

Our 5th and 6th graders learn woodworking under Mr. Brian’s expertise.