Spiral of Light

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Our last festival of 2016 is the upcoming Spiral of Light this Friday. Please remember to RSVP for your family at one of the sign-in sheets at the lobby and bring an apple for your child the next school day.   Teachers will be preparing apples for the spiral on Wednesday, December 14.
 The Advent Spiral is one of light, movement, and symbolic change. A spiral of greens is laid out on the floor and decorated with crystals, shells, plants, and carved animals representing the kingdoms of nature. Each child walks to the center, carrying an unlit candle, which is lighted from the tall brightly-burning candle there. Moving outward, the child places the candle somewhere along the spiral pathway, bringing it to light. This passage reflects winter’s dark growing to a close and the renewed promise that spring light and life will begin again.
“When Christmas arrives, a turning point is reached. The light increases, days grow longer and nature reawakens. So the birth of the light at Christmas time has been celebrated since the times when the light became the symbol of revelation in the world and man.” -Steiner
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